Fresh Is Best and Quality Matters

We believe that food tells a story and unites people together. We supply some of the freshest and tastiest produce around the world because our produce is grown from the happiest of farmers and packed with love.

You can choose from our Ginger and Garlic varieties  that are high quality fair trade, organic, non organic, non fair trade, or conventional. We can ensure that you have a steady supply to your customers year round so volume is never an issue.

Premium Product

Our Brand is USDA Grade 1. Our farming partners are in different parts of the world. They harvest at different times throughout the year based on which hemisphere they are located in and according to their season. We always switch countries of origin to ensure that we are providing the freshest quality that has just been harvested.


Happy Veg Inc is a supplier of both Organic and Conventional Ginger.


In 100 grams (g) of fresh ginger root, there are:

  • 79 calories

  • 17.86 g of carbohydrate

  • 3.6 g of dietary fiber

  • 3.57 g of protein

  • 0 g of sugar

  • 14 mg of sodium

  • 1.15 g of iron

  • 7.7 mg of vitamin C

  • Peru
  • Thailand
  • 13.61kg Boxes

Different Hand Sizes Are Available


Happy Veg Inc is a supplier of both Organic and Conventional Garlic.

(Spring Violet, Spring White, Traditional White, Morado)

  • Excellent source of manganese and vitamin B6
  • A very good source of vitamin C and copper
  • The composition of raw garlic is 59% water, 33% carbohydrates, 6% protein, 2% dietary fiber, and less than 1% fat
  • Peru
  • Argentina
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Spain

Our Brands are packed into Jumbo 50-55mm, Super Jumbo 55-65mm, Colossal 65-70mm, Super Colossal 70mm+

Happy Veg inc we are a supplier of garlic from around the world. We offer garlic from Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Spain and the USA. It is important for our customers to know that we have spent years building relationships with farmers and packers alike. We have developed a full year round supply program for any of our different clients worldwide.

Currently we ship to the USA, Australia, Taiwan and soon Europe and Japan as well. Our goal is to become the number one supplier for all of our different clients in these diverse countries. We focus on delivering the best quality to our clients to ensure that we are building lifetime relationships. Happy Veg Inc is all about building trust and reliability with the clients and partners we work with.

With our garlic programs our customers find it is an easy transition year round from one country to the next. This is based on which product is the freshest and highest quality available for our clients market.

Phoenix, Arizona
Orlando, Florida
Los Angeles, California
Pichinaki, Peru