About Us

Our History 

For five years Cameron Mistal learned. He sought out experts attending a dozen conferences on global produce and identified the market opportunities that would build his future. As he developed his expertise he honed his process of selecting only the highest quality product and optimizing the cleaning, packaging and shipping process to deliver the best product around the world. 

Now in partnership with others, he has the opportunity to grow. With market research supporting the need, he is ready to begin the process of expanding product lines and market reach. Having developed a proven concept Happy Veg is poised to be known as a quality global produce provider. 

Our Vision

Happy Veg Incorporated’s vision is to be the number one supplier of Ginger and Garlic internationally. We believe in trading the best quality products all around the world. We mainly focus on vegetables but we also work with fruits.

At Happy Veg we are utilizing modern agriculture trade practices to improve the efficiency of working with our company. We want all of our clients to feel that working with us makes their life easier. In addition to making their lives easier we also desire to give back to the communities that we work in. Starting with the farming communities we hope to truly make an impact in the global farming community.

Our Mission

Our vertical integration into shipping ginger and garlic have made us competitive suppliers to companies world wide. We are very focused on vertical integration and owning as much of the supply chain as possible. This allows our end customer to have the most direct contact with where their product is coming from. It ensures traceability and helps our prices to be very attractive to our customers. Which in turn helps our customers earn more, allowing them to continue to grow and expand as well. At Happy Veg Inc we believe in a win – win situation. Our family’s principals have always been to take care of those who take care of you. That is our mission every day here at Happy Veg Inc. 

Phoenix, Arizona
Orlando, Florida
Los Angeles, California
Pichinaki, Peru